Update 2 –  As we appear to be stuck at the level of the Lt Gov office (as the governor and Odom are hiding somewhere), the Lt Gov person who is gathering info is: mike.arnold@ncmail.net.   

Update – http://bluenc.com/legislators-throw-mentally-ill-under-the-bus-tomorrow-is-a-day-of-action 

From ACT:

Mental health services providers and advocates are organizing to fight the state’s reduction in the rate it pays for services known as community support.

A coalition of groups plans to be in Raleigh today to appeal to legislators and Gov. Mike Easley to rescind the cut. They will hold a news conference in front of the legislative building at 11 a.m.

“We have a permit for 100 people, but I think we’ll go way beyond that,” said Karen McLeod, executive director of the Children and Family Services Association of North Carolina. “This is not just a cut to a program. This is the core of mental health reform. If this stays, there will be a cascade effect. Everything could fall apart.”

Those involved in the event include the N.C Mental Health Association, National Association of Social Workers of North Carolina, Children and Family Services Association of North Carolina, N.C. Providers Council, N.C. Council for Community Programs, Covenant with North Carolina’s Children and the National Alliance on Mental Illness of North Carolina. (more…)