Governor Sanford is in Real Trouble

Wow! I have seen a lot of press conferences over the last four or five years. I’ve listened to George W. Bush drone on and on. I’ve watched him tell us that we don’t torture. I’ve seen many press conferences where a politician has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Rep. Randy Cunningham delivered one such press conference wherein he tearfully apologized after being convicted for trying to impersonate Al Pacino in one of those gangster movies.

Mark Sanford takes the cake. His press conference was a complete and total disaster. He may have been tired. He was clearly emotional and wandered on and off the topic. It was simply awful. In spite of droning on and on, there are lots of questions that he did not even address. Why did he feel that it was necessary to leave the state without a chief executive for five or six days? He lied to reporters, his staff and the people of South Carolina. Has he stopped lying? (The Washington Post has an interactive graph of some of the most memorable sex scandals over the last 40 years.)

One of the most remarkable revelations within the last 24 hours has to be the release of some selected e-mails.  Are there more e-mails? How does someone get access to a governor’s e-mail account? Maybe a more important question is whether someone was trying to blackmail the governor with these e-mails? Was some of his political rivals trying to bring him down by giving these e-mails to a local newspaper?

There are lots of questions. I don’t think we’ll ever get all the answers, but it is clear that we need more answers than we’ve gotten so far. Rachel Maddow has more (Watch the Video):

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  1. All I am hearing on the news is the affair part. WHO CARES… It was the fact he left his state without knowing his whereabouts that needs to be in the fore front. I can’t wait to find out if he used state money for his trips. This is just pushing Mitch Romney in the republican forefront for 2012

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