Former Senator Bob Graham: I wasn't told.

Greg Sergent interviews one of my favorite people, Bob Graham, former senator from Florida. Senator Graham, who was chairman of the Senate Intelligence committee when 9/11 happened, keeps a personal diary which is very detailed.  If anyone would know what was said when, it would be him.

From Plumline:

Former Senator Bob Graham, who received a classified briefing on terror detainees during the same month in the fall of 2002 as Nancy Pelosi, was not briefed about the use of either waterboarding or enhanced interrogation techniques during the meeting, he claimed in an interview with me.

Graham’s assertion — his first public comments since the release of the intelligence document detailing torture briefings given to members of Congress — directly contradicts the document’s claim that he had been briefed on enhanced interrogation techniques, or EITs. Graham is now the second Dem official to deny on the record the document’s contents and raises questions about its claim that Pelosi had been told, which she has denied.

“I do not have any recollection of being briefed on waterboarding or other forms of extraordinary interrogation techniques, or Abu Zubaydah being subjected to them,” Graham told me by phone moments ago, in a reference to the terror suspect who had been repeatedly waterboarded the month before.

Graham is the only other Dem aside from Pelosi to get briefed in 2002, so they are both in effect asserting that no Dem was briefed on the use of EITs that year. The date of the next briefing was in February 2003.

Graham claimed he would have remembered if he’d been told about the use of torture. “Something as unexpected and dramatic as that would be the kind of thing that you would normally expect to recall even years later,” he said. (more…)

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  1. Pelosi and the CIA are both so notorious for lying that it was difficult to know what the truth was in this case. Graham’s statement suggests that it was the CIA that was lying in this case. It’s all quite interesting.

  2. You are correct but I would add that it doesn’t matter who is lying. At the end of the day, we still tortured and someone should still go to jail. Now, the question is who should go to jail and how to we get them there.

    thanks for your comments.

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