Katrina gives way to Rita

So we thought that the local, state and federal agencies would have learned a few things from Katrina. Well, they did but not enough. A bus carrying elderly out of the Houston caught fire and exploded on the highway killing 20. Gas stations have run out of gas. I-45 has been a parking lot for the last 2 days. From Dallas to Houston to Shreveport – there is no gas, no bottled water, no food staples – This is a HUGE area. Unless you have a chartered flight out of the region by now, you are stuck! Bush is going to Austin today to personally look over the shoulder of Governor Rick Perry (someone known for great hair and not great policy) who was hand picked to be Governor by Bush in 2000.

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  1. Houston over evacuated. Many feared the rooftop scenario. However, the reason that Houston became a mega city and Galveston (previously a jewel of the Gulf) a resort town is due to our higher ground. Alicia (1983) and Allison (2001) were livable and not to uncomfortable for me. Homes may flood but the worse place to be is on the road. Unlike New Orleans, Houston is above sea level. Flood waters drain quickly here. Only the homes in low areas of Galveston, Clear Lake the coast and near the ship channel face life threatening high waters in their homes. About a million people live in those areas. Unexpectedly, almost 3 million people hit the road. Many should have stayed at home.

  2. I don’t think people in the Galveston/Houston area should panic but if I lived there I probably would leave just in case. I live inland over 400 miles and the people here are going crazy. No gas at a lot of stations. I have seen people filling up containers with gas. If the storm don’t harm them the improperly stored gas surely will. Grocery store shelves are empty. The wind is picking up so I know they are probably boarding up their windows. It is crazy.

  3. Let’s see…Galveston/Houston are asking people not to panic. They are evacuating to be on the safe side. A lot of elderly people were being bused to safety. It is reported that maybe a spark from the brakes started a fire. Oxygen, oxygen, and more oxygen was on board for the convenience of the passagers….is this not called an accident? How should the President keep fools from being fools…like storing gas & rushing the stations for gas?

  4. Carol, you live 400 miles inland and people there are going crazy. What are they worried about? The hurricane will not be a hurricane 400 miles inland.

  5. I made my decision to stay due to the dangerous situation on the roads. Most deaths from storms and hurricanes are due to drowning. During Allison, the biggest cause of drowning was due to people trapped in their vehicles on the roads. When I attempted to leave, the traffic was moving at 2 miles an hour and cars were stacked along the roadside due to no gas. I was on 59. The storm is moving in line with that highway. I judged that I would be safer at my home in Houston which isn’t expected to flood.

  6. TCB, folks are always going to panic if they can. Folks in Tyler, Dallas and Shreveport have been buying food staples like they are going to be without power forever. There is almost no gas in Tyler and Longview.

  7. Did everyone notice how Bush decided not to go to Austin and look over Governor (Good Hair’s) Perry’s shoulder?
    just wondering.

  8. Is Bush flying to Texas today? He’s on the spot. He is flying to Texas when most of the damage seems to be in Louisiana.

  9. TCB: Good to see you survived Rita.
    FYI: Even as a tropical storm Rita autographed my area. Down power lines, uprooted trees but it’s all good. Not as devastating as the coast but we are human and do not like anything that will cause us to deviate from our activities of daily living.

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