Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Why is Pat Robertson still on the air? He clearly does not understand global warming secondary to man’s burning of fossil fuels. Just the other day, he said, “keep in mind that Mars, and say, how many SUVs, how many oil refineries are there on Mars? And yet, if the relationship to the sun that is affecting the climate on Mars.” What? I could take a good deal of time explaining why this may be the most uninformed statement that I’ve posted on this blog in many years. Instead, let’s just leave it at that. Pat Robertson does not understand global warming and probably has no desire to actually read any of the science associated with it. With regards to our environment here on planet Earth, we have measured very little change in the sun’s radiation over the last several decades. Therefore, the fact that our planet is warming has nothing to do with solar output. Then again, we knew this. This is yet another smokescreen. The sad part is that Robertson’s statement is deceiving and dishonest. When I think of a man who believes in the Bible and believes in Jesus, I would like to think that that man would go out of his way to be honest, sincere and forthright.

Allen West continues to be… Allen West. His connection to reality seems to be tenuous at best.

New study shows that White jurists are more likely to convict Black defendants.

Exports from the LA port have reached an all-time high. This is good. Somebody is buying our exported goods.

Short sales have surpassed foreclosures.

Pfizer is about to sell their infant nutrition business to Nestlé.

First Solar, US solar equipment maker, is cutting jobs. Most of the jobs will be overseas.

I just want to know why I’m never invited to conferences where people are spending lavishly for no particular good reason. Is it me? Currently there are hearings in the House oversight and Government Reform committee. It appears that the GSA (Government Services Administration) spent over $800,000 on some type of “training” conference. I’m ready – train me. 🙂 Seriously, it really is nice to see that Congress is taking its oversight responsibility seriously. More importantly, I’d like to see the conclusion of their study and investigation and what steps will be taken to ensure that taxpayer dollars aren’t wasted. If this is an investigation which does nothing to change the culture, then it is a waste of time.

Republicans were never serious about deficit reduction.

Sheriff Joe appears to be in some significant hot water – again.

New, Halo game should be out in November. Cool!!!


2 Responses

  1. Regarding Republicans on debt reduction, does anyone else see the hypocrisy (or ridiculousness) of their recent efforts? 

    First they defeat the Buffet bill which would have added $47 billion from the richest who are moving to complete control of all wealth – calling it a gimmick and having no impact on the deficit.

    Then they propose to cut food stamps by $34 billion over a decade so the most needy can go hungry. 

    Please someone explain to me how $47 billion in revenue is a gimmick, but $34 billion in spending cuts is important.

  2. You are trying to make sense out of the GOP. Stop doing that. It will drive you crazy.

    The bottomline is that the GOP has painted everyone on food stamps as lazy bloodsuckers. So, they (those who recieve food stamps) deserve no charity from us. When in fact, those who are on food stamps for the most part are just like you and me. They have lost their jobs and just need

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