Wednesday Morning News Roundup (Updated – 7 biggest lies on the economy)

Rick Perry is proving what most of us from Texas (who aren’t an ultra-conservative Republican) have thought. Perry simply isn’t that impressive. He has tanked in debates. In one debate after another he has simply been awful. A college transcript littered with Cs and Ds may be a clue that he wouldn’t be that good at debating.

Very interesting “Girl Project.” A researcher asked 5,000 girls ages 13 – 18 what they thought (guys, pay attention!!) She gave them a camera and followed them for two years. Interestingly, these teenagers weren’t much different than girls 30 – 50 years ago. They were all about relationships (love) and the future. They weren’t about sex. A new book has all of the details – Please Read (if at all possible): The Girl Project

Foreclosures are declining – maybe.

Obama’s jobs bill appears to have died in the Senate yesterday. Eric Cantor in the House declared it dead several days ago. So, with unemployment at 9.1%, what are Republicans going to do to help the American people? Nothing? The President’s jobs bill wasn’t some radical progressive wish list. I wish it were. Instead, it was the same middle of the road approach in which he took both liberal and conservative ideas and threw them into this job’s plan. Congress has basically said no. Americans shouldn’t take no for an answer. We need jobs. We need jobs now. I don’t care if the jobs come from private companies or from the government. I don’t care. We need to put people back to work – NOW!!

The unofficial list of banks that are in trouble has declined to 983. Calculated Risk explains.

Robert Reich tackles the seven biggest economic lies. These are great. Please watch the video:

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