Wednesday Evening News Roundup

We must remember the Republican strategy that was devised by Nixon and perfected by Reagan – divide and conquer. You must paint your opponent as someone who is not one of us. He’s not a real American. They did it to John Kerry. They did it to Al Gore. Now, a Romney aide stated that President Obama does not understand the “Anglo-Saxon heritage” shared by the United States and Britain. It is almost as if he were an outsider. He didn’t take Western Civilization in junior high school. Fortunately, our president did pay attention in junior high school, high school and college. He understands our heritage extremely well. This is just another attempt to paint the president as an outsider.

Progressives versus Regressives by Robert Reich

While in London, Mitt Romney is hoping to bask in the glory of the Olympics. He’s hoping that some of the Olympic magic may rub off on him. While in London, he will be meeting with a group of extremely influential bankers (never mind the banking LIBOR scandal) who are paying upwards of $75,000 per plate to have dinner with him. You already know what’s going to be discussed. Cut regulations. Let us continue to rape and pillage America, Europe and the world.

Greenland is melting.

We need more stimulus. We’ve needed additional stimulus ever since the original stimulus package was passed. We have been stuck with reactionary, obstructionist conservatives who seize at the mention of additional stimulus. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is leaning towards another stimulus.

Sherman Hemsley died yesterday. He was the star of the 1970s sitcom The Jeffersons. The Jeffersons broke new ground. Before The Jeffersons you never had a sitcom centered around a middle class black family. That just didn’t happen. The Jeffersons and All in the Family were a couple of the shows that tackled race relations. Groundbreaking. Sherman, rest in peace.

Bruce Springsteen is 62 years old. Amazing.