Since this was recorded on December 6th, I start off by going back to a clip from FDR‘s famous address to Congress about the Pearl Harbor attack. I then bring up more allegations against Halliburton and KBR. Simply put, KBR (Kellogg, Brown and Root) has not been doing its job to protect our troops. The conglomerate has been cutting corners and exposing our troops to rancid food (more information here and here).

You know times are bad when Harvard’s endowment loses $8 billion in a quarter. In one quarter!!

The top story of the week was job loss533, 000 jobs were lost during the month of November. We have lost 1.9 million jobs since the start of this recession (last December). That’s almost two million jobs in one year.

My guests are Rick Newman of US News and World Report and Edward E. Cornwell, MD, chairman of Howard University. Rick and I discuss the auto industry and consider why they can’t seem to get any love from Capital Hill. My great friend, Dr. Cornwell, and I get into healthcare reform. He talks about some of the studies he has done which suggest there are some signifcant healthcare disparities.

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