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I thought that this was interesting. Ben Stein spoke out against a tax increase several weeks ago and Linda McGibney has a thoughtful and articulate reply:


A number of you have contacted us in response to what Ben Stein had to say about the prospect of higher taxes last week … including Linda McGibney, a Supervising Producer and Writer for the show “Stargate Universe” on the SyFy Channel. She had some things of her own to say:

BEN STEIN: “Maybe when the economy recovers, raising my taxes makes sense, but for now, it’s just punishment, and I can’t figure out what for.”

All I have to say is, Ben Stein is wrong.

I am an American. I am in the highest tax bracket. I also work in entertainment – which is what Mr. Stein does as well.

I am fine with the tax increase. I think it patriotic that I am taxed in this way. I want to help my country.

I believe the fact that I can have a job this year, and hopefully every year to come, is a privilege. (more…)

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  1. I saw this yesterday and wondered how many more feel the same way. They had a show on NPR yesterday about the very wealthy in Haiti complaining the loudest about how unfair their lives have become. Not the poorest but the wealthiest. The commentator stated that they were used to being noticed and someone and now the poor were getting the attention and were jealous. They stated the same thing in this country. So I was so overjoyed to see someone speak up for the maybe more of the top 2 percent. Not all but maybe a few.

  2. This is great. I have always respected Ben Stein and while not agreeing with him all the time, I've enjoyed hearing him. This one gives a negative light to him.

  3. I first saw Ben Stein in the great movie – Feller Bueller's Day off nearly 30 years ago. I think that he is a bright conservative who some times has to let his inner-conservative out.

  4. Margaret –

    I have always looked at taxes as our yearly fee to an exclusive country club – the US. If we don't pay our dues, club begins to suffer. Walls that need painting begin to look tacky. Door handles need polishing. We probably need another coat of varnish on the high-gloss wood floor. We've seen the same in the United States. We've seen our infrastructure began to deteriorate because those at the top do not want to pay their share.

    Thanks for your comments.

  5. McGibney's reply is 'thoughtful' and 'articulate' ? Really?

    McGibney's whole argument is “I am willing to pay more and it's proof that I am patriotic”

    If that's so, why doesn't she pay extra without being REQUIRED to?

    How much extra $ did she send in to the government above and beyond what she had to?

    My goodness, if this is what passes for thoughtful and articulate in liberal circles, then it's no wonder that they are losing in the court of public opinion.

    Let's remind ourselves that Ms McGibney makes her living writing fiction. That's probably the best explanation for her article. She might be able to convince an alien in one of her shows that she's patriotic, but to those of us with both feet planted firmly on the ground it's not very convincing. In fact it reads more like comedy than drama.

  6. I have to point out here that Ben Stein thinks the world was created in 7 days (in the movie “Expelled”), and was an early repeater of Bill O'Reilly's ridiculous war on Christmas meme. I can't agree with bright. But I did like him in FB's Day Off.

  7. Liberals should just save us all time by citing their response by number:

    1. oh you guys are stupid

    2. oh you guys are crazy

    3. oh you guys are liars

    4. oh you guys are evil

    Every liberal response seems to fall into one of these categories.

    Allison chooses to call Mr Stein stupid because he happens to believe the world was created.

    Allison, you do realize that your belief (about how the world came to be) is a position of faith, do you not?

  8. of course you are completely unable to say 'how much' is really 'their fair share' because the answer always comes out 'more, more, more'

    The bottom 45% of earners already pay 0% income tax. So, are they paying 'more than their share'? (caution: this is a trick question)

  9. Conserviates should just save us all time by citing their response by number:

    1. oh you guys are communists

    2. oh you guys are Nazis

    3. oh you guys are trying to take my guns

    4. oh you guys have no family values

    Every conservative response seems to fall into one of these categories.

  10. DG7,

    I'll give you a bit of free advice.

    Your post, in order to be effective, should have been appended to a post by a conservative which would illustrate one of your 4 points. (i.e. the conservative should be making one of the 4 charges you claim they make). My post made no references to communists, Nazis, guns or family values, and so your critique is seen as a non sequitur.

    My post, OTOH, followed Allison's in which she labeled Mr Stein 'not bright' i.e. (he was stupid to believe what he professes.) Hence, her post is the perfect foil for my response.

    As they say, timing is everything, and you should have waited for a conservative post to 'make' the illustration for you…………of course you probably would've waited a very long time which calls your entire premise into question.

  11. Really? Joe you should read more conservative blogs and Internet comments. You happen to be more prolific than most, but those themes are said quite often. Have you not been watching Fox?

  12. No, I don't watch Fox.

    And what do you mean I'm prolific? I think you must mean something different than that.

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