My goodness, we are so lost. As a society we have completely lost our priorities. Over the last several days, I have read more heartfelt condolences and damnations with regards to Paula Deen. Either she’s a heroine or she’s a villain. The bottom line is she is neither. Paula Deen is just the latest celebrity to slip and fall in the national spotlight. It is no big deal. Over the last 30 years, I’ve seen literally hundreds of celebrities fall flat on their face. Sometimes there are more infractions, sometimes fewer than Paula Deen’s.

Look, I have no problem with Paula Dean. I don’t care if the Food Network changes their name to the Paula Deen Network or not. The bottom line, as I see it, is that Paula Deen is only really important to her family. She is a celebrity. As far as I know, she’s not paying your bills and she’s not paying my bills. If we were only half as upset over our own state of affairs, the median wage would not have been stagnant over the last decade or two. Let me say that again. The median wage in this country has been stagnant or dropping for more than 30 years. Where’s the outrage over that? That’s by leaps and bounds far more important than whether Paula Dean is being treated “fairly” or not by the media or by the Food Network. We aren’t being treated fairly by our bosses. They are sucking up all of the cash and leaving us with the scraps.

Guys, we need to get a grip and figure out what’s important. It ain’t Paula Deen.