Paul Ryan was sent into the friendly confines of Fox News and he fumbled the hand off. This one was easy. He simply screwed up a simple question, a question which a ninth-grade debate student would have been ready for. Paul Ryan is the Republican financial guru on Capitol Hill. He developed the last two Republican budgets. Yet, when he was asked by Brit Hume about when his budget balances, he couldn’t answer the question.

Watch it:

Now, he should have planned for this question. It should have been obvious to everyone that he would get the question. He could have said, “The problem is that we are in such a huge deficit hole that we can’t balance the budget in the next five to seven years without huge cuts to social services which would devastate the elderly and poor and that is just not realistic at this time. Our plan is a nice step in the direction of fiscal health.” That would have been pretty good, but he didn’t say that.