News Roundup – State Executions, Paul Ryan, Antonin Scalia

To me, with very few exceptions, the state should not be in the business of executing its own citizens. I just believe that we humans are too fallible. We’ve heard eyewitness reports that are wrong. We’ve heard of inmates who have been convicted and lost an appeal but have been found innocent 20 years later. In Oklahoma, they botched an execution. There’s no excuse. This should never happen. Strong Editorial in the NY Times against the death penalty. (I don’t understand why there is a need for a new cocktail. We have several medications that we KNOW work. The problem is that we are trying to make death nice and clean for the cameras.)

Paul Ryan met with the Congressional Black Caucus to talk about poverty. All I can do is smile. It is nice to see Paul Ryan get together with the Congressional Black Caucus, but let’s be serious. Is Paul Ryan really going to change his ways? Is he really going to become more enlightened? I doubt it. Was this a big show for the cameras? Yes. This shows that Paul Ryan is not the immovable, inflexible conservative Republican that we think he is.

Economic growth slows in the first quarter, mostly to be blamed on the severe weather in January and February. In my mind, we still need a new economic stimulus. We have millions of Americans still out of work. We have millions of college graduates who are looking for work. These Americans need help.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia makes a huge mistake in writing his dissenting opinion in Environmental Protection Agency v. EME Homer City Generation. From TPM – The conservative justice’s error was noted by University of California-Berkeley law professor Dan Farber, who called it “embarrassing” and a “cringeworthy blunder.” “Scalia’s dissent also contains a hugely embarrassing mistake. He refers to the Court’s earlier decision in American Trucking as involving an effort by EPA to smuggle cost considerations into the statute. But that’s exactly backwards: it was industry that argued for cost considerations and EPA that resisted,” Farber wrote on the environmental law and policy blog Legal Planet. “This gaffe is doubly embarrassing because Scalia wrote the opinion in the case, so he should surely remember which side won! Either some law clerk made the mistake and Scalia failed to read his own dissent carefully enough, or he simply forgot the basics of the earlier case and his clerks failed to correct him. Either way, it’s a cringeworthy blunder.”

100 best iPad apps!!!!

Actor Bob Hoskins has died at age 71.

Tons of flooding in Florida.

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