Tough Job Market

If you want to know how truly bad the job market is I have a recent example for you. A couple of days ago, I posted on a popular IT blog that I needed a little help. It was nothing big. It was nothing that was going to pay a lot of money. Just needed some help. Over the next 48 hours I received over 100 responses. I received responses from all over the world. There were plenty of responses from right here in the United States. Here’s a typical response:

My name is Joe Blow (not his real name), WordPress Specialist, and I have been a WordPress developer for 10 years now, as soon as WordPress was introduced. In my over career, I have worked as Senior Developer at a leading Internet Marketing company, SEO Specialist in a Search Engine Marketing company and currently, I’m running my own company.

With my extensive experience and solid knowledge of WordPress and SEO, I can definitely help you with your request.

I understand you would like to clean up your site with the Livefyre.

If you could let me know a bit more details, I will put together a proposal and send it back to you right away.

Here are some examples of my previous work. You will also find some testimonials.

We need to fix our economy. We need more stimulus. The housing market is showing some signs of weakness.