What’s happening in the world?

  • Looks like we’re headed for a government shutdown. I have my fingers crossed that the Democrats have their messaging down pat because the GOP may have just handed the White House, the Senate and the House to the Dems. I’m lovin’ 2012!!!
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been tapped to be DNC chair. A little disappointing, as I think she was a fabulous representative. Tim Kane is leaving the DNC chair spot to run for Senate.
  • Paul Ryan’s budget plan is asking the poor to shepherd the majority of the burden of balancing the budget.
  • In case you’re wondering, this is what a government shutdown looks like.
  • Ezra Klein has broken down the Congressional Budget Office’s assessment of Paul Ryan’s budget. It is exactly as we expected. The restructuring of Medicare will cost the elderly more money.
  • Freshman representative Jeff Landry is making me nauseated as he fawns over big oil CEOs.
  • Robert Reich is right again.
  • A retired oil executive has purchased the first Chevy Volt in Western North Carolina. That’s pretty cool.
  • A woman who appears to be mentally unstable has attacked a Paul Gauguin painting at the National Museum.