Gas prices, the return

The rich continue to get richer.  There are no market forces in place that I can see that would account for the sudden and dramatic rise in gas prices.  This is the greedy taking one last bite at the apple before Democrats control the White House.


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  1. The Honda Natural natural gas civic is looking cheaper and cheaper everyday. With NG at 76 cents a gallon. With the tax rebates brings it down to about 20,000

  2. There are always market forces, even in Communist countries. Your clip states that there is a reduced refining capacity. I don’t think there has any recent big increase in oil prices. It seems that pump prices are very sensitive to changes in refinery capacity and new refineries aren’t being built.

    BTW, where can you find stations with natural gas?

  3. Oil Giants Destroying America’s Economy!

    Our capitalist system can only work if the market has strong competition in every industry; we call this the Free Market. The oil industry has not been a free market for over 25 years. Every since the 1974 oil embargo, the giants of the industry drove most of the independents out of business. They have slowly, by consolidation, amassed total control over the market. Controlling every phase of the domestic oil market; from the whole in the ground to refining/wholesale distribution all the away to retail.

    This control is allowing them to create artificial shortages, and those using the demand vs. supply argument to increase prices. This is a total manipulation of the market. If any other industry tried this tactic they would be investigate. Yet we are allowing this group to stick it to us. Why because they control the government with lobbing money.

    These oil giants are creating hyper inflation which will destroy our economy. Since we are a consumer based economy, if you take away the consumers discretionary money our economy will go into recession and or collapse. The consumer is being taped out on purchases of gasoline and utilities. On top of all of this our food prices are going through the roof; do to the high cost of transport and all the other oil related costs. It’s just a matter of short time and our economy will hit recession.

    We need the US media to do its job and expose this monopoly! Since our bought and paid for politicians can’t.

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