Friday Afternoon News Roundup

Friday Afternoon News Roundup

Remember that Barack Obama is a communist. Or did they say he was a socialist? Whatever. He is bad for business. The Dow Jones industrial average, however, briefly topped 15,000 for the first time ever.

The new job numbers are out for April. The unemployment rate is 7.5%. The economy gained 165,000 jobs in April. The Economic Policy Institute has more.

As long as I’m talking about the economy, I saw this interesting bit of data about home prices skyrocketing in Las Vegas.

For some reason (and maybe you have to be a Conservative to understand it) Conservatives continue to jump up and down about Benghazi. Fox News continues to try to make this into some Watergate scandal, but there’s no therethere.

One of the cool things about tracking down the Boston Marathon bombers is that they stole a Mercedes ML 350 SUV with mbrace technology. This made the car incredibly easy to track and allowed the Boston police department to close in on the suspects. Kind of cool.

The FDA’s decision to limit the Plan B pill to women over the age of 15 seems to be based in science and not hysteria.

Violence in Pakistan kills the prosecutor who was looking into Benazir Bhutto’s murder. The dysfunction of Pakistan is hard to really qualify.

Suicide rates rise sharply in the United States.

One of the truly crazy campaigns that seems to be going on across the country is that states are going around and trying to nullify federal law. You simply can’t do that. This is one of the things that the Civil War was fought over: states rights versus federal rights. Federal rights trump state rights. This is a rule.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte is getting an earful from her constituents. She voted against the gun legislation and her constituents aren’t happy. She and her team have put out a smokescreen stating that she thought that the background checks would cause an “undue burden” and also lead to the very fearful “gun registry.” Of course most of this is nonsense. The legislation specifically prohibited starting a gun registry. This would violate the law and cause the violator to chill behind bars for over 15 years. If you are going to deceive your constituents… Never mind. I’m not gonna go down that road.

In my opinion, PC Magazine does an absolutely fabulous job at evaluating technology. They just published a guide to buying a laptop, which includes netbook tablets and all kinds of other laptop gadgets. It’s worth a read.

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