I’m still looking over the president’s numbers. I thought his speech was excellent. I think he struck the right tone. Now, no matter what he actually said last night, he has to take his speech and sell it to the American people. This is the key.

Authorities are still scrambling over the suspected bomb plot. The targets are, supposedly, New York and/or Washington.

That was very ugly football last night. Beautiful offense. No sign of defense.

Representative Tom Price is simply trying to get attention. These days, you need to say something outlandish in order to get media attention. Being thoughtful doesn’t get you in front of the camera. Tom Price stated that a payroll tax cut for working families is class warfare. Really? How is that exactly? By the way, his net worth is estimated to be $8.5 million.

Chris Botti became famous when he replaced Branford Marsalis and Sting’s band. This is an absolutely beautiful tune. I’ll have more news for you tomorrow.

Artist: Chris Botti
Tune: When I Fall in Love