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Republicans have been lying to the American people about the debt crisis. Republicans have been unwilling to negotiate. They have demanded everything and will give nothing in return. Strangely, Senate Republican Mitch McConnell has given us a small moment of clarity. (I know it’s really weird to get this from him.)

“If we go into default, [the president] will say that Republicans are making the economy worse … The president will have the bully pulpit to blame the Republicans for all of this destruction,” McConnell said, indicating that default would hand the reelection to Obama.

“I refuse to help Barack Obama get reelected by marching Republicans into a position where we have co-ownership of a bad economy,” McConnell said.

Here’s the deal, as I see it. Republicans have blocked a larger stimulus package, hamstringing the president. Republicans have blocked every single alternative stimulus which would have created jobs, such as cutting the payroll tax. Cutting a tax is something that the Republicans are supposed to love, yet they blocked it. So, it is 100% true that the stagnation that we are seeing now can easily be hung around the Republicans’ neck.

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  1. I was glad to see the President shut down that POS Cantor.  Next step is he should deny him attendance.

  2. I just watched Michelle Bachmann claim we don’t need to raise the limit because we have plenty of money.  Most in her own party and financial experts say differently of course.  How stupid must you be to actually vote for that idiot?

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