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  • I haven’t seen Milk yet, but I think that need to. The screenwriter has just won an Oscar.
  • NAACP calls for the cartoonist to be fired. I’m not worried about the cartoonist. Firing a cartoonist really doesn’t help anyone. He/she is low-hanging fruit. I’m thinking that the editor should have to formally and publicly apologize.
  • Some GOP governors aren’t interested in taking the stimulus. They would rather have people out of work. I wonder if they think that those out-of-work folks didn’t vote for them? I just wonder. (BTW, they should do the right thing and give the money to California.)
  • Secretary of Housing Shaun Donovan states that the mortgage help will go to people who have been playing by the rules.
  • Cruz has won an Oscar for best supporting actressHeath Ledger won best supporting actor for his role as the Joker in Batman. I think that I may be the only person in the world who didn’t think that Ledger was all that and a bag of chips. I think that Jack Nicholson was much better.
  • Former Bush officials are having a tough time finding work.

The Guys from Red State Update have a couple of words about Bristol Palin and teenage girls to throw in here.

Watch and laugh:

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  1. Interesting question. Who is the better Joker, Ledger or Nicholson? Nicholson was certainly the best villain in that series. I think that it’s a little hard to compare the two because the films were so different. It’s almost like comparing Peyton Manning to Johnny Unitas. Impossible to compare. Different eras, different game.

    But since we are comparing and I have two whole pennies on this, I’m going with Ledger. I don’t think that Ledger was “better” than Nicholson. He had a better vehicle. I think that this version of the Joker was better. Moreover, I think that Dark Knight was the best portrayal of evil ever displayed in this genre.

  2. Never saw this stuff before. Yikes, so you know my life is very much sheltered from Red State Culture stuff, or focused in another direction. But this so called Conservative Red State video sort of reminds me of years ago how on the other side of the spectrum to the more Liberal Cheech and Chong antics where. Not with the slurry south slanged accent, but A White and Mexican interpretation of foul social contradictions at the time, considered funny. It was a good laugh

    Red Starter types are characterizes as some really raw or what one could suggest as what ever rules at the moment. Too many times for me as not funny. Basic chaos or random living seems to evolve with no direction but fellow Red State Americans worship of the media the bible and the chaos, and liquor that are parcel to it. Party time appears to be the mantra. You could see why any body with intelligence can confuse this group. Bush and Company figured that one out a long time ago. Likely, what we have here is real communications with the Neo-Con conservative core, No where people. Hee Haw, White people only.

    However, if one considers the contemporary opposite side of the spectrum in terms of Hip Hop, the same lame chaos, drugs, liquored, sex, and government distrust with all the trimmings of misunderstanding is in riot proportions easily heaped in hate melodies of staccato cultural decadence. Black’s do a lot of lame looking finger pointing enhanced with what some think is sexy but other could consider retarded music and dance. Please I say that with a giggle and self reflection reminding how much I indulge in it. It is exhilarating but one could loose cultural focus easy.

    My conclusion is Conservatives and Liberal are in balance here but it might change now Michael Steel the Republican chairman wants to go hip hop.

    From viewing these video’s it an’t gon na happen.

  3. TCB –

    Had a very long e-mail thread with a friend who argued that Johnny U was better than x,y or z modern QB. I love your train of thought. I guess my problem was that the Dark Knight was too violent for me. If the film was called violent good guys and bad guys, I would have liked it more. The problem was that the film was a Batman. I’m still hung up over that.

    I guess I just have to get over it.

    Thanks again for your comments.

  4. Megalo –

    I have no idea what your point was. I have several clips from RSU on this blog. I think that those guys are funny. Just as Larry the Cable guy is funny.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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