E coli outbreak spreads

From CNN.com:

As many as 84 people in five Northeastern states have been confirmed as having the strain of E. coli bacteria involved in an outbreak believed to be linked to Taco Bell restaurants, officials said Thursday.

State and federal agencies are still trying to pin down the source.

At least one lawsuit relating to the outbreak already has been filed against the fast-food restaurant chain.

E. coli cases — first reported November 29 in New Jersey, followed by New York and Pennsylvania — now have appeared in Delaware and Connecticut, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said. Interviews showed that most of the first 58 who became ill had eaten at Taco Bells.

On Wednesday, Taco Bell said it had ordered the removal of all green onions from its 5,800 outlets nationwide, after three samples tested by an independent laboratory were found to be positive for E. coli.

But now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is testing several ingredients used by Taco Bell. The epidemiology detectives are also conducting more interviews to track down the source of the E. coli strain, said Dave Daigle, spokesman for the Infectious Disease Center of the CDC. more


I may be wrong but I’m getting the notion that our food supply is not safe.  6 years after 9-11.  (9-11 was suppose to change everything)  Wasn’t just a couple of months ago the FDA was chasing down some bad spinach??

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  1. And there’s a Listeria contamination in the strawberries that were supplied to some Jamba Juice stores as well.

    This is what happens when opposite forces collide. Regulatory and inspection agencies are gutted so conditions that are ripe for contamination are permitted to continue. Meanwhile, food production has become more centralized and more and more people are eating from the same “trough”.

    How many people would have become ill from the spinach/E.coli outbreak if people were getting their vegetables from local farms?

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