The Errington Thompson Show – 06-28-08

Great Show. I chat with Glenn Greenwald about FISA and the Democrats inability to stand up and say no more. I then switch gears and talk with local author Cecil Bothwell who has been covering the Pak Square “illegal” sale of land and the indictment and conviction of Sheriff Bobby Medford. I give away another $75!! Just listen and you can win.

3 Responses

  1. FISA Facilitates Fraud!

    Competitors who want your trade secrets, your R&D plans, your bid details, your intellectual property or copies of your confidential communications can hire well placed private contractors to obtain them.

    60-70% of our national intelligence budget is paid to private contractors. Private contractors help monitor all telephone and internet communications for the federal government.

    There is no independent oversight, control or accountability over private intelligence contractor activities.

    FISA presents grave intellectual property security issues.

    See for links to respected resources describing the risks of private government contractors.

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