The actions of George Tenet and the CIA have been well documented. Dana Priest broke the story on the secret prisons. State of War by James Risen and the 1% doctrine by Ron Suskind clearly revealed the good, the bad and the ugly of the CIA. Torture happened. Secret prisons happened. Group think happened. George Tenet is correct when he asks us to wind the clock back. Remember the fear that gripped Washington. The CIA had no sources in Al Qaeda. They knew almost nothing about what was coming next. James Risan captures this state very well.

In spite of this fear, where was George? When Cheney, Rice and King George were talking about mushroom clouds where was George Tenet to say, “Our intelligence doesn’t support these conclusions.” Tenet is talking about his word and his reputation. Why wasn’t he thinking about his honor 3 – 5 years ago?
It is clear that Condi and the rest of the neocons were not interested in Al Qaeda when they entered office. The number 1 threat to America was Saddam Hussein. This is clear. They wanted Saddam out. The neocons wrote an open letter to President Clinton in 1998 pushing to start a war to remove Saddam.

This 60 minutes interview is okay. There are no major new information in it. Former CIA employees have a couple of words that they would like to say to George Tenet. (It is interesting how our President has seemed to have broken every major department and agency in the government.)