Hello, President Bush, Hello? Are you listening?

Tapping phones without a court order? Are you kidding me? Welcome to Russia.

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  1. Here’s some juicy tidbits.
    Currently the UK is the most survieled country in the world, being monitored by 4 MILLION CCTV cameras which employ facial recognitionwith “smart CCTV” used on London Underground to identify patterns of behavior that might precede a crime or suicide attempt. These are also being used along with speed cameras and automatic number plate recognition cameras which not only look for untaxed vehicles, but will also try to predict, on the basis of petty driving offenses, who is going to commit a more serious crime. (ANPR) If you live in London you will be capured on camera 300 times a day! This has been allowed to happen ther partly due to the old adage of “dont complain” and also because there is no constitution or Bill of Rights. Now this is my question, in a country where we do have things in place to protect our rights, why are we allowing this to happen to us as well?

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Errington C. Thompson, MD

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