Detainees Commit Suicide at Guantanamo

I thought that we were supposed to be watching these prisoners.  We had them in open cages.  We could see everything.  3 prisoners committed suicide?  With what?  Dreams? I simply don’t understand why, what or how?

Why are we keeping folks locked up with a trial?  If they are guilty, try them and jail or shoot them.  If they are not guilty set them free.  I don’t understand placing hundreds of people in limbo.

What happened?  None of the “accounts” really explain what happened?  Do you understand this?

How did these 3 men make the ultimate escape?

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  1. I heard that they hung themselves. Not all that hard. Only takes a few minutes to hang oneself and not much equipment. Shoelaces and a door knob will do it.

  2. Isn’t it standard pracice not to give people who have suicidial tendacies shoes that require shoelaces?

    Again, these are open cages. Couldn’t anyone see a prisoner hanging themselves? I guess my point is several prisoners have tried suicide in the past. We were on high alert but …

    Regulations at Guantánamo call for guards to check on each inmate every two minutes!!

    We need the whole story.  As usual, there is something that we are not being told.

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Errington C. Thompson, MD

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