Cowboys season ends on a botched Field Goal – perfect

I have not idea if the Cowboys will win this thing but they really don’t deserve it.  Terry Glenn fumbles.  Safety.  The Cowboys give up a touchdown over the middle to Jeremy Stevens.  This gives the Cowboys chance.  The score is 21 – 20.  We pass and run the ball down to the 1 yard line.  There is just about a minute and a half to go. Romo botches the snap for the go ahead field goal.  A fitting end to a very frustrating season. 

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  1. Who is to blame? Romo for the hold? That asshole Glenn for fumbling at the 1 yard line? The Ref for saying it was first and goal for Dallas at the one and then saying it was fourth down? No matter what that game left me feeling sick. Parcells has coached his last game and the sad thing is that this will probably be their best year for the next few.

  2. Tom, thanks for your comments.

    Now, that I have had an hour or so to vomit, maybe I can say a few “intelligent” things about the game.

    First, I think that Parcells will be back next year. I really think that he likes these guys. Secondly, look for the Cowboys to draft or trade for a free safety. We need a couple of linebackers also. Thirdly, I really don’t understand what it is the …was the problem with the Cowboys offensive line this year. I’m not sure what the Cowboys are going to do about them. On paper they all look great. In the fresh, they are big and strong. In reality, they are average. Romo. Man, what an up and down year. I don’t think that I have ever seen anything like it.

    The bottom line is that the offense really didn’t move the ball in the second half. We really had 2 opportunities to give Seattle the knockout blow and we didn’t. The first was the first drive of the second half. We needed a 10 play 80 yard drive with most of it on the ground. A dominating performance. Instead Romo holds the ball too long on the first play from scrimmage and we lose 10 yards, basically killing the drive. The second was when we had to settle for a field goal instead of a touchdown.

    The defense played surprisingly well considering the previous 5 weeks.

    Thanks again for your comments. I need to go and throw up again.

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