So what did we really see last night? The smoke has cleared. Again, I think that we see that there is no knock out blow. Both candidates are standing. Neither seems to have any particular advantage from Super Tuesday. You can split hairs in many ways in the final analysis you are splitting hairs.

What I can say is that Hillary Clinton loaning herself money can’t be a good sign for her. Doesn’t it show that she is more like Mitt Romney than any Democrat would like to admit? The Obama camp is trying to take advantage of this situation and “according to his web site” Obama has raised $6.1 million since the polls closed on Super Tuesday. That’s incredible.

Keith Olbermann has an insightful discussion with Jonathan Alter and Dana Milbank.

Oh, new polls out have little or no meaning.  These nation polls which have shown Obama closing the gap between himself and Hillary Clinton are worthless.  They are nice to look at but you can’t translate them into money, stock or votes.  The latest Gallup poll shows Hillary Clinton widening the gap.  Is that uniformly applied across the country.  I doubt it.