Countdown: Senator Russ Feingold – bring troops home now

Senator Feingold does have an excellent point.  We need a plan to bring the troops home.  If there’s no plan, then our soldiers are going to stay and stay.  As I have said before, Iraq is a problem that President Bush and the neocons created.  It is a huge problem.  It is my belief that if we pull out now, Saudi Arabia will invade to protect they Sunni brothers.  Iran could not allow that to happen.  So they will invade to help the Shea.  The Kurds in the North may try to take advantage of the chaos and declare themselves an independent nation which Turkey opposes.  Turkey would then get involved.  Now, this is a huge regional battle that would pull in other players like Syria.

On the other hand what does staying do if we are stabilizing the country?

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  1. Total bullshit — Feingold is just another talking head for Israel and if you listen carefully he barfs the official party line of building up the troops in Afghanistan instead of Iraq. Feingold also lies about the real perps of 911 saying that he remembers they came from Afghanistan. Bullshit again — anyone with an IQ greater than a porch swing knows 911 was an inside job conducted by elements within the US military together with Mossad operatives. Americans are taking the heat for Israel’s crimes while their destiny is being determined by Jewish banksters and their media whore counterparts. Do the research; Feingold is on the payoff list from AIPAC; his latest bribe from Israel was $56,810. For readers interested in what’s really going on, get yourselves a copy of PNAC, Planks of the Communist Manifesto and Protocols of the Learned Zion Elders. It all fits into the Talmudists and Rothschild’s game plan. Welcome to the New World Disorder — it’s a disease that must be stopped.

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Errington C. Thompson, MD

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