Countdown: Democracy bums troops

One of the arguments that the Right uses all of the time is that discussing problems in Iraq will demoralize the troops.  Well, Keith Olbermann tackles this subject head on (as usual).  Keith gets Paul Rieckhoff who fought in Baghdad and started an organization for Afghanistan and Iraq Vets.  Paul simply tells it like it is. 

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  1. Awesome! I am glad they put this on national news. It makes me furious everytime someone states that we aren’t supporting the troops if we are against this war. I am an army mom and I don’t know of ANYONE who doesn’t support the soldiers regardless of their position on this war. So everytime someone states we can’t do both doesn’t understand the difference. I support my son but I DON’T agree with his boss. He does what he needs to because it is his JOB. He does it with passion but that doesn’t mean he agrees with where he is sent. I support his buddies I don’t support the President.

    Thank you for putting this on your blog

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