Over the last 15 years, Republicans have decided that they cannot win at the ballot box. Instead, they’ve decided to defund the Democratic Party. This is a multi-pronged attack on Democrats. One of the efforts to decrease the number of Democrats is to simply make it harder for you and me to register to vote. Look at what’s happening in Florida and other states around the country. Voter ID laws, shortening the length of time for early voting and other tactics are specifically designed to decrease the number of Democrats who go to the polls. Secondly, they’ve decided to attack unions. Unions, for the most part, overwhelmingly vote Democratic. They help organize the Democratic Party. They help get out the vote. So, one way that you can limit the power of unions is by cleverly taking away their power. The power of the union is its ability to bargain for it union members. That is the strength. If you and I go to the boss and say that we deserve better benefits or higher salary, it is easy for the boss to fire us and replace us with somebody else. On the other hand, if a large union goes to management and says the same thing, right now, management needs to bargain with the union in order to avoid a general strike of union workers. Without collective bargaining, unions are dead. If unions die, one of the huge engines of the Democratic Party dies also.

Republicans aren’t stupid. They are hardheaded and ideological and facts almost never penetrate their craniums, but they aren’t stupid.

Watch the video on how Republicans are making it harder to vote all over the country:

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