Cindy Sheehan

It is amazing that one mother is able to do what none of the democratic politicians were able to do, isn’t it? She got the public interested in the anti-war movement. She has gotten Rush Limbaugh to denounce her and then retract his words…sort of. She has gotten Republicans worried. Bush was sympathic in his speech over a week ago. Now, he is on the attack. This week he told the veterans of foreign wars that she doesn’t speak for all veterans families – trying to marginalize her views. Well, it is clear that she is not the only mother how feels that her son died for a less than noble cause. Your thoughts of Camp Casey…

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  1. We haven’t heard from Ms. Sheehan in almost a week. With the Roberts nomination coming up tomorrow and more Katrina news, I doubt that we are going to hear from Ms. Sheehan in a while. Sad because it seemed that she truly was a unique voice against the war.

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