Bush gets high marks on Rita

Why? Why did President Bush get such high marks on Hurricane Rita? What did he do? He did fly around the country. Is flying around the country all you have to do to impress the American people? I guess appearance is everything.

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From NYT:

As he emerged Saturday morning from the “battle cab” deep inside the Northern Command’s headquarters in Colorado Springs, President Bush caught sight of a famous image of himself: with bullhorn in hand at ground zero on Sept. 14, 2001.

At the invitation of a sergeant major in the Marines, he wrote “May God Bless America” on the photo and signed it, before moving on to the next hurricane briefing.

But as the White House has learned several times this week, when a president watches the gears of government mesh during a natural disaster, it is hard to find command moments like that one, four years and 10 days ago, when Mr. Bush told the world he was going after the terrorists. (more… )


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  1. As a nation we should ask for more from our leaders than just to show up. They should have to … lead!

  2. I showed up for work today. I wonder if my patients will give me a high approval rating just because I showed up.

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