Republicans don’t seem to understand that we live in a Democracy (Update)

Our form of government is about give and take. If you want a different form of government don’t pretend to love a Democracy. The Republicans are pushing for their ideas. They don’t want to compromise. That’s either a dictatorship or a monarchy.

From the Daily Kos:

Indiana Republican Mike Pence says that if Democrats don’t accept every single Republican demand for spending cuts, then he supports shutting down the federal government—and believes the Democrats will be blamed.

Yesterday afternoon, Pence appeared at a tea party rally and joined in the crowd’s chants  to “shut it down.” And last night, he made quite the Freudian slip on Fox, accidentally saying he wanted a victory for “the Republican people” before correcting himself.

Pence’s attitude is reflective of tea party Republicans, whose support for a federal shutdown has been revealed in poll after poll after poll. It’s yet another reminder that to avert a shutdown, John Boehner must not give his tea party flank veto powerover a budget compromise, even if that means he must rely on Democratic votes to get the final deal passed.

Update: I just kept thinking about this post. It needed something. How about something from Mel Brooks’ great movie – History of the World, Part 1? Now, that’s better.

5 Responses

  1. No, we don’t live in a democracy. We live in a Constitutional republic, a significant difference.

  2. Yes, we live in a republic. To republicans that seems to mean that evey looney thought that crosses their minds should be rammed down the majority of people, even other republicans, that don’t want it.

  3. kinda like the dems didn’t compromise on obamacare? kinda like President Obama saying “we won” and what everyone else thinks doesn’t matter? where was your outrage then?

  4. Randy – What are you talking about? The Dems gave away just about everything in the healthcare debate. Where is the negotiation with big drug manufacturers to bring down drug prices? We gave that away. Where is a single-payer or the ability for a state to try to implement a single-payer system? That was negotiated away also. You did not follow the debate closely if you think Democrats did not give away almost everything that true progressives really wanted. We thought, at the very least, we to get all Americans covered. We didn’t even get that done.

    finally Randy, I’ve written somewhere between 20 and 50 different posts on healthcare. Some are filled with outrage, some are not. I suspect that you haven’t read those posts. Check them out they have some interesting information.

    thanks for your information and thanks your comments.

  5. I’m so happy that you have learned that we live in a constitutional republic. According to our Constitution, they’re supposed to be some give and take. The Democrats gave away the store. The Republicans took it. The American people are taking it…

    Thanks your comments.

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