Bob Woodruff on TDS

I posted Bob Woodruff’s ABC special here.  He appears on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  He has a remarkable story and he is a great spokesperson for traumatic brain injury. 


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  1. The new Clinton bill calls for a pre evaluation of soldiers before deployment. The Regimental Surgeon of the U.S. Marines in Iraq, Dr.Manuel Tanguma has already devised a plan of evaluating and fitting soldiers with a medical device proven to help prevent concussion in the NFL. MGH and Harvard professor Dr. Jeffery Shaefer suggests an MRI confirmation of an orthopedic TMJ/TMD therapy will greatly benefit the troops. The forces on the helmet chin strap in football have been found to be identical to those causing the rash of mtbi in our soldiers. Last week a confirmation from Walter Reed medical center, confirmed the project was put on the back burner because of their extensive managerial problems. This, proven procedure, will help our soldiers, for more information supporting this developing story contact or go to

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