Best Presidents

According to this historian, John Diggins (who may I add is a bore) the best Presidents were:

1. Lincoln

2. Washington

3. Roosevelt

4. Reagan

Okay, we’re cool with 1 – 3.  Some argue that Washington was the most important because he was so popular that he could have been King.  He could have dissolved the Republic but he didn’t.  Instead he strengthen the Republic.  Now, let’s discuss #4.  Reagan?  Please.

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  1. Ok, which President was the best?

    Abraham send the slaves “to a climate congenial to them” Lincoln, or;

    George “slave owner” Washington, or;

    Ronald “put the drugs in black neighborhoods” Reagan.

    I go with:

    LBJ and Roosevelt

  2. Reagan has a whole lot more on his plate than that. But, I have to agree with Roosevelt. I’m not sure about Johnson. His picture is so mixed. The Vietnam War, a War that sent plenty of Black men to their deaths, was Johnson’s War. He could have made the draft better so that all America’s had an equal opportunity to go but he didn’t. He let folks like Gee Dub chill in the National Guard. In the end, I’ll have to agree with you on LBJ.

    Thanks for your comments.

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