9/11 ceremonies

From NYT:

Americans observed a solemn day of remembrance today in memorials around the United States to mark the fifth anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, pausing in New York City and at the two other 9/11 sites for moments of silence, tributes and a recitation of the names of those who were killed.

Although hundreds of miles from one another, the three places where the hijacked airliners were crashed into buildings and a field that day were united today by simultaneous memorials that invoked the memory of lives lost. Family members and friends prayed and wept. They held signs saying “We Will Never Forget.” They read poetry and recounted simple tales recreating the lives of those who were killed.

“I’ve been thinking about what Moira would be doing today if she were here with us,” said police Officer Jim Smith, the husband of Moira Smith, a New York City police officer who was killed. more


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