I thought it was pretty cool when CBS announced last year that Katie Couric would become the first ever solo female to anchor an evening newscast. I rolled my eyes at the endless speculation over the length of her skirt and the seriousness of her haircut. “You go Katie!” I thought. Show them just how successful a woman can be as a figure of objective authority. America is ready for it. Don’t apologize for it. All those years of dressing up as Sesame Street characters and laughing at Al Roker’s jokers disguised the genuinely serious reporter you are.

Fast forward a year: CBS is languishing in third place and the question has become, is it a woman thing or a Katie thing, or perhaps a Les Moonves thing? An interview with Ms. Couric in New York Magazine this week reveals the answer likely lies in all three. While Couric has been subject to continued undue attention to skirt choices, the article reveals a shared vision between Couric and Moonves to produce news casts with “fewer headlines and more news features.” Read: Less hard news, “more fireman saves puppy from tree.” Couric also personally spearheaded the “freespeach” segment, which allows celebrities to voice their opinions on current events. Sweet! I’m sure Lindsay Lohan has some truely provocative commentary on foreign policy. Sigh.

Dan Rather caught a lot of flack for accusing Couric of “tarting up” the evening news. While an ill-advised word choice, I think Rather spoke from a place of profound weariness, disappointment and frustration over the pop-culturization of the news media, and less from some boys club stodginess. In other words: it ain’t a woman thing