Thursday Evening News Roundup

Unless you’ve been lost at sea, for the past 3-6 months, you like everyone else has been aware of the new mega film that is being released tomorrow, the Hobbit. When I was young, I read The Lord of the Rings And the Hobbit. I really didn’t like The Lord of the Rings. I thought the book was too long. It was too intricate. There are too many characters. But I loved The Hobbit. Here’s a review from a Rolling Stone.

Even after thinking about it for a day or so, Antonin Scalia’s comments which draws a parallel between gay marriage and murder just seems to be over the top. Which, I believe, was his purpose.

The right to work legislation which was passed in Michigan is nothing more than an attempt to defund unions. My friend, was exactly correct, when he pointed out that this does not harm collective bargaining. Instead, this basically limits what a union can charge. More importantly, there’s no data to suggest that right to work states do any better financially. As a matter fact, the data suggests the exact opposite.

The deal with HSBC that allowed the company to only pay $1.92 billion again proves that corporate crime does pay. From RS: “The banks’ laundering transactions were so brazen that the NSA probably could have spotted them from space. Breuer admitted that drug dealers would sometimes come to HSBC’s Mexican branches and “deposit hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, in a single day, into a single account, using boxes designed to fit the precise dimensions of the teller windows.” I’m not asking for something special. I’m asking for the Justice Department to step up and put criminals in jail. Why is that so hard? Please don’t tell me that investigating a major bank which committed major fraud would “destabilize” the financial system. I’m not buying it. As a matter fact, I don’t care about it. Instead, I care about upholding the law. The financial system, seems to always, like a cat thrown off of a countertop, land on its feet.

I’ve been trying to post a story for a couple of days. For some reason maybe because I don’t really, deep down, think it’s important, I can’t get it into my News Roundup. Well, today, I’m posting it. Claudio Ososrio, Someone I’ve never heard of, seem to have a good life. He had a successful business. He was making millions of dollars. He had multiple houses. He was rolling. As a matter fact, former Florida governor, Jeb Bush, was on his board of directors. He asked for and received a federal grant. He was named Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year only a couple years ago. Well, knucklehead hadn’t really designed or developed anything. Osorio and his business partner Craig Toll were indicted on 23 counts of fraud and money laundering. Okay, I have several questions – first, how do you sit on the board of Corporation that is supposed to be making cutting-edge composite fiber panels for home and business building construction when it appears he did no such thing? This was in a company that was worth $10,000. This was a multimillion dollar enterprise. He had NBA basketball players investing. How did this guy convinced the Obama administration to invest $10 million in his Corporation? Oh, I know, he had a handful of savvy investors including folks at the United Arab Emirates and he had Jeb Bush on the board. How could he go wrong?