KBR another rape cover up

It was clear to me if there is one then there had to be others. How an American company could do something like this to an American or another human being is sickening. Another Iraq rape victim has come forward. (Information of the first rape victim is here.) The details of her rape are graphic. Her name has be concealed to protect his identity. I hope that she and any others have suffered at the hands of Kellog Brown and Root get an opportunity to sue the upper management of for enough money to move into their luxury homes and have the CEO serve as their butler for the rest of his life but then that’s not how America works is it.


From The Nation:

In fact, a growing number of women employees working for US defense contractors in the Middle East are coming forward with complaints of violence directed at them. As the Iraq War drags on, and as stories of US security contractors who seem to operate with impunity continue to emerge (like Blackwater and its deadly attack against Iraqi civilians on September 16, 2007), a rash of new sexual assault and sexual harassment complaints are being lodged against overseas contractors–by their own employees. Todd Kelly, a lawyer in Houston, says his firm alone has fifteen clients with sexual assault, sexual harassment and retaliation complaints (for reporting assault and/or harassment) against Halliburton and its former subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root LLC (KBR), as well as Cayman Island-based Service Employees International Inc., a KBR shell company. (While Smith is technically an SEII employee, she is supervised by KBR staff as a KBR employee.) (more…)

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Errington C. Thompson, MD

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