Countdown: Halliburton pull-out curious

My personal take on this is that senior officials at Halliburton has no desire to testify before Congress.  If they get indicted, they will chill in Dubai.  That’s the way the game is played.  Like that old Steve Miller tune – Take the Money and Run.

Also, Keith covers the fact that the surge in Iraq will be 4400 troops more than the President told us 6 weeks ago.  Who’s surprised?


From WaPo:

Oil services giant Halliburton Co. will soon shift its corporate headquarters from Houston to the Mideast financial powerhouse of Dubai, chief executive Dave Lesar announced Sunday.

“Halliburton is opening its corporate headquarters in Dubai while maintaining a corporate office in Houston,” spokeswoman Cathy Mann said in an e-mail to The Associated Press. “The chairman, president and CEO will office from and be based in Dubai to run the company from the UAE.” (more…)

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Errington C. Thompson, MD

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