Who's Elitist?

I have dreamed of having enough money so that I can fly my own plane. John Travolta has that kind of money. He has a couple of planes, if I’m not mistaken– not bad for a sweathog. Well, it seems that Senator John McCain’s campaign has its own plane also. It isn’t unusual for a campaign to lease a plane but this plane actually belongs to McCain’s wife, Cindy. Their campaign has been flying around at a discount it seems because there is a law– which McCain backed– stating that the campaign must pay or rent this plane for fair market valve.

So, is having your own plane elitist? Is not following a law that you supported elitist? I’m just askin’.


From the New York Times:

Given Senator John McCain’s signature stance on campaign finance reform, it was not surprising that he backed legislation last year requiring presidential candidates to pay the actual cost of flying on corporate jets. The law, which requires campaigns to pay charter rates when using such jets rather than cheaper first-class fares, was intended to reduce the influence of lobbyists and create a level financial playing field.

But over a seven-month period beginning last summer, Mr. McCain’s cash-short campaign gave itself an advantage by using a corporate jet owned by a company headed by his wife, Cindy McCain, according to public records. For five of those months, the plane was used almost exclusively for campaign-related purposes, those records show. (more…)


4 Responses

  1. Is this a stupid country or what?

    John McCain married a barbie-doll beer heiress who owns 8 homes and is worth $100 million. She flys him around on her private Learjet. Hillary Clinton is a Yalie lawyer, US senator and former US first lady. Hillary & hubby have made $109 million since leaving the White House.

    Only in a Land Gone Mad do such people call ANYONE “an elitist” and not get laughed off the stage.

  2. and in case anyone is noticing, barack just finished paying off his student loans, and HE”s the one who’s “elitist”? walnuts could have paid those off for his “good friend” obama with the fuel cost from a few of the trips he took on cindy’s jet.

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