They aren’t working for us

When I grew up, in the ’70s, it seemed as if every week 60 Minutes would have a blockbuster story. Over the years, the CBS news program seems to have lost its focus and hard-hitting journalism. Last night, they seemed to be getting back into form. Last night, they revealed that many Congressman, as most of us thought, aren’t working for us. We elect them to represent our interests in Washington. It appears that many of our congressmen are more interested in lining their own pockets than they are in passing legislation that helps the American people. This isn’t a Republican or Democratic issue. This is an American people issue.

Here is some information on the Stock Act (here, here and here)


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  1. Actually, there was another good story on again–what?–a week ago or so and it was somewhat hard-hitting, too.  It was on Jack Abramoff and was also, of course, on Washington, insider scams and graft.  Hopefully, they’re going to get back “on track” with reporting.  We’ll see, eh?

  2. Like you, I put this on my blog today, too, as I thought it important.  I requested that people watch it, if they hadn’t, and then email their Senators and Representatives in Washington so we get this changed.  Here’s hoping

  3. I thought the same thing when I saw this piece . I thought it disturbing the fact that Steve Croft could not interview Pelosi or Boener . It was great how he went to there press confernce , it would be even greater if he went back wit more questions .
    How about the part about congress having known about iminent collapse of or financial system in 2008 and making all kinds of trades that would line there pockets but not telling the folks back home sept mabey there rich buddies/campain donors .

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