The Big Fail, Part Two

National Tea Party

I’m sorry. I know I have really spent way too much time on the subject, which is exactly the kind of thing conservatives want. They love for us to focus on things that really don’t matter. I had a small post the other day, which was really meant for my readers to briefly look at and say, “well, that was obvious.” It didn’t really work out that way. So, I’ve written a lot of responses and comments covering three things — The National Tea Party, the new Black Panthers and the NAACP.

Conservatives, for the most part, hate answering questions. Instead, they like to stay on offense. They like to answer a question with a question. If you asked them, for example, why they tolerate racists in the National Tea Party, they will respond with something like, “Why didn’t the NAACP condemn the horrible rhetoric of the New Black Panthers?” Well, the NAACP did condemn the garbage that was spewing out of the New Black Panthers. The NAACP even pointed out that the new Black Panthers are not part of the NAACP. Really, many of the racist statements are coming from representatives of the Tea Party.

The New Black Panthers are a smokescreen to avoid talking about the real issue, racism in the Tea Party. They are a nothing group. They have little or no membership. They do not speak for a large group of African-Americans. They have no power to influence policy. In my mind, I will throw them in with many of the hate groups on the right who are part of those armed militias. I do not believe that they accurately represent any major religion. I find nothing that I’ve seen or heard from this group to be attractive. As a matter fact I find them rather repulsive. A call to kill babies, White or Black or Brown, makes Mister Shabazz an evil, twisted man. Oh, finally, no one attested to being intimated by the New Black Panthers. Not one person.

The National Tea Party is a major element within the conservative movement. Top Republican officials have begun to distance themselves from the racial rhetoric of people like Mark Williams. The frustration that many Americans feel is legitimate. I believe that the Tea Party has taken those frustrations and is trying to use them for personal gain. Specifically, Republican gain. The problem isn’t taxes. The problem is Congress. The problem is that good people on both the right and the left have worked hard to elect who they thought were “good” officials. Whether it was the Contract with America or the recent Democratic takeover of Congress, Americans have had their expectations dashed time and time again. We’ve seen Congress become a rich man’s country club. More than half of the Senators are millionaires. A significant number of Representatives are well off. Lobbyists are smiling. Major corporations are smiling. Profits for major corporations continue to increase while wages have been stagnant for almost 25-30 years. This is our problem. Wedge issues are not our problem. Until we fix Congress, we’re going to continue to have groups like the Tea Party prey on the frustrations and anger of Americans.

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  1. Funny that you don't recognize the NAACP as 'preying on frustrations and anger', but they do.

    ironically your link where you say the NAACP condemns Shabazz leads to a blank page.

  2. Dear Dr.,
    I have nothing to add because I agree with everything you say. By the way, you have been most eloquent and informative on Local Edge Radio. Keep up the good work…we all need you.
    All my best,

  3. From the link:

    “The fact is that the Tea Party is now politically significant enough that its leaders must insist that its adherents abide by basic decency in its public discourse.”

    Change 'tea party' to 'Democratic party'

    Does the Democratic party insist that all of its adherents abide by basic decency in public discourse? Hardly.

    Democratic luminaries regularly accuse conservatives of 'wanting to starve children' and 'being war criminals'

    Where were the Democratic upholders of decency when Julianne Malveaux said of Clarence Thomas “I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies early like many black men do, of heart disease….He is an absolutely reprehensible person.”

    Read more:

    Liberals have very little credibility when it comes to 'insisting' on decency of any kind. They should clean their own stable first IMHO.

  4. U r mixing your apples and oranges. All liberals aren't democrats. Ben Nelson is an excellent example. He is a dem who isn't a liberal by any stretch. Julianne is a talking head and not a democrat. She is an outspoken liberal.

    Thx for your comments

  5. Julianne not a Democrat, eh?

    You going to try to tell me she voted for George Bush and John McCain, right?

    Sorry, she's a Democrat. And probably proudly wears the 'progressive' or 'liberal' tag with equal ease.

    Did the Democratic leadership urge her to abide by basic decency when she wished for the death of a Supreme Court justice?

    If your reaction is any indication, they went straight into denial.

  6. So, if you vote for a Democrat that makes you automatically a democrat? So you are saying that independents are really closet Democrats and Republicans? You're premise is ridiculous. You are what you say you are. You can label her views but you don't get to label her.

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