It is clear that Senator Joe Lieberman was “all in” with John McCain. I have no idea if Lieberman thought that McCain would offer him the position of Secretary of Defense or something else. I know that it is possible to campaign with McCain without cutting down Obama. He even spoke at the Republican Convention. How can we keep him in a chairmanship?

Glenn Greenwald had plenty to say about this:

Joe Lieberman didn’t merely campaign against Barack Obama and several other Democrats. That’s the least of his sins. He was not only among the most vocal supporters of the Iraq War, but at least as bad, has endorsed and supported every last radical Bush policy to expand executive power and surveillance activities while destroying core constitutional liberties and checks and balances. He used his Chairmanship for only one purpose: to block oversight into Bush scandals and corruption. He has spouted the most defamatory attacks, not only against Barack Obama, but against war opponents generally. More significantly still, Democrats in his own state — his own constituents — booted him out of the party, no longer wanting to be represented by him.

Think Progress has a position paper entitled Joe Lieberman: The Progressive who lost his way. This is a good and complete read of how Joe Lieberman has fallen from Vice President nominee to campaigning with John McCain.

Check out the video from DailyKos: