Al FrankinLook, Al Franken isn’t perfect.  On the other hand, he was the first one that would and could stand up to the Republican onslaught.  He was the first that spoke with a clear voice that I heard.  His books were/are funny and honest.  His books were well researched.  He documented his sources with the care of a scholar.  He was the perfect person to hold down the top spot at Air America.  His show wasn’t perfect but he did gain a large and loyal following.  He used humor and biting sarcasm to make his points.  Could he have been more entertaining?  Could he have been less preachy? 

The bottom-line is Al Franken has been a leading voice in liberalism.  He understands the needs of America.  He has thought about national problems.  He will not be perfect.  He will be a voice that will not back down when faced with Republican blather.  If I lived in Minnesota, I would vote for Al.

Good Luck, Al.  Run, Al, run!!!