Ex CIA officer Faggio indicted

Randy Cunningham is one of those Republican gifts that just keeps on giving. Some more info here and here.


From NYT:

Federal prosecutors in San Diego announced on Tuesday an 11-count felony indictment charging a former high-ranking Central Intelligence Agency official with using his seniority and influence to steer contracts to a lifelong friend who had offered him a lucrative job and paid for lavish vacation travel.

The indictment charged Kyle D. Foggo, a former executive director at the C.I.A., with wire fraud, conspiracy, money laundering and failing to report vacation trips and other gifts paid for by the friend, Brent R. Wilkes, a contractor from San Diego. Mr. Wilkes who was charged with concealing his interest in the deals through shell companies and intermediaries.

Mr. Wilkes, who was included in the Foggo indictment, was charged on Tuesday in a second indictment for his role in a separate inquiry last year that resulted in the guilty plea by former Representative Randy Cunningham. Mr. Cunningham was sentenced to more than eight years in prison for accepting more than $2 million in cash and gifts. In that indictment, Mr. Wilkes was charged with providing more than $700,000 to Mr. Cunningham in return for his influence in helping to direct federal contracts to Mr. Wilkes’s principal company, ADCS, which converted paper documents to digitized computer imagery. (more…)

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