More and more information is coming out that Congressman Mark Foley can not only e-mail or instant message one or two pages.  This is something that he has done since he’s been in office or so it does appear.  Yesterday, on the Ed Schultz show, a mother of a former page called up and stated she complained about Congressman Foley back in the mid-90s.  She stated that her complaints were loud and thorough.  She notified her own congressman’s office.  She notified the office of pages.  She got no response or more correctly, she got no meaningful response from anyone she contacted.  This is the problem.  It appears that no Republican took any significant action to try to control Congressman Mark Foley.  Even if all he did was send inappropriate e-mails, he should’ve been monitored and e-mails should have stopped.  This is the very least that should have been done.