Hastert goes on the offensive

How is this adequate?  What does taking responsibility mean in situation?  It seems that this is like President Bush taking responsibility for the Katrina response.  Nothing happened.

I was going to edit this since there is a ton of dead air but the ending much be enjoyed by all.  The press conference was about Foley and pages.  Hastert ends the press conference with a political talking point. 

Rough transcript — “What we need to do is start talking about the issues.  We have a great economy.  It’s because a Republican tax cuts and Republican handling of the economy.  Holding the line on spending.  We have addressed the war on terror.  We’ve done that continually over the last five years.  Today, we have a pretty safe America and, uh, a lot of people wanted us to address the issue of the border and we did exactly that.  Last Friday, we culminated appropriations that did fix the border.  So, you know, we have a good story to tell.  Our friends on the other side of the aisle, really don’t have a story to tell.  Maybe they’re resolving, uh, another political tactic.”

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  1. Oh well. What goes around comes around. Denny does bring back the touching memories of defenders of previous sex scandals in higher places.

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