Grab Bag Wednesday morning (Update)

Running late as usual this morning.

Rangers Win

  • I can’t describe how jubilant Dallas-Fort Worth is today. For more than 40 years the Dallas Cowboys have been the dominant team in the Metroplex. Finally, the Texas Rangers have won a playoff game… Playoff series! Congratulations to the Texas Rangers, Nolan Ryan and his amazing organization.
  • After what seems like a year, miners are being rescued in Chile. (CNN has a live feed.) Update: 21 rescued and 12 more still underground.
  • Judge blocks military from enforcing DADT
  • Bobby Cox, the long time manager of the Atlanta Braves, is retiring after this year. The Braves lost to the Giants in a great series. After the game, in what was one of the classiest moves I have seen in a long, long time, the Giants stopped their own celebration and tipped their hats to Bobby Cox.
Great move

From Political Animal:

  • Lifting the drilling ban: “The Obama administration on Tuesday lifted the moratorium on deepwater exploratory oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico — provided companies follow new safety rules…. One of those new rules is that the CEO of a company responsible for a well must certify it has complied with all regulations. That could make the person at the top of the company liable for any future accidents.”
  • Waiting for the Fed to intervene: “A critical mass of officials at the Federal Reserve appear to favor taking new actions to reinvigorate the lagging recovery in the absence of clear signs of improvement in the economy, according to minutes of the central bank’s last policy meeting.”
  • In Afghanistan, the plan to accelerate training of Afghan security forces is going reasonably well, but “the question now is whether these new forces will allow NATO and the Afghan government to reverse the insurgency’s momentum and begin reducing the Western presence in the country.”
  • As the debate over undisclosed campaign contributions rages on, wouldn’t it be nice if major news outlets care more about the fact that Karl Rove seems to be constantly lying?
  • As the Washington Post‘s On Faith section publishes a hateful screed from Tony Perkins on National Coming Out Day, it’s easy to imagine Katharine Graham weeping.
  • Health Care For America Now has a new video out featuring Jack Black as a professional “Mis-Informant.” It’s pretty funny, and worth checking out.
  • Do college dropouts cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars? Well, sort of.

You got anything to add?

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  1. Dr Thompson wrote:

    “National Coming Out Day……”

    You know, if liberals really believed what they say about sex being a private matter, then they wouldn't constantly be seeking approval from others of their choices.

  2. Just can't seem to restrain yourself can you, Margaret?

    Any tragedy (even when it's turning out well) becomes an opportunity to take a cheap shot at those with whom you differ politically, doesn't it?

    Sad. Very sad.

  3. Seeking approval? I thought it was seeking equality. Something the right will have no part of in their war on diversity.

  4. No it was against negative thinking people who can't see the good coming out of the ground. I don't see it as a tragedy. I saw the miners in our state who didn't come out of the ground as a tragedy. It had nothing to do about politics. You read what you want.

  5. Joe – I never wrote anything about National Coming Out Day. Never. Now if you are referring to a link then I didn't write it. In spite of this, your logic is faulty.

    thanks for your comments.

  6. So, who exactly said or even implied it wasn't good that these men were coming out of the ground?

    No one.

    You made it up to enable yourself to take a cheap shot.

  7. Yes, you echoed another in saying that you imagined a dead person weeping on NCOD.

    Homosexual activists demand approval of the behavior they've chosen. It really has nothing to do with equality under the law.

  8. You the doc posts about lots of items and no matter what he posts about. You find something negative. He made a list of good things happening and you attack instead of ever making a positive comment. Not all of it is about politics or deserves a fight. You only make comments when you want to stir things up. I notice the postive I guess it takes both sides.

  9. You know if they were treated equally under the law then why are there new laws still being argued around the country to treat them fairly without bias. Not every city, town regards them equally.

    So where have you been? Salt Lake just passed a law last year against firing or people, or denying them residence If it is a right to work state they are not protected unless there is a law passed.

  10. Joe. How come when you hear the word gay, or the phrase “coming out” the first thought that pops into your mind is sex. This seems to be the problem. No one is talking about sex. It's human beings and their loved ones and their families that are being talked about.

    And no, gay and lesbian people are not treated equally under the law. If my partner dies, I get zip in terms of social security to help pay the mortgage on the property we own together, and vice versa. I can not put her on my insurance plan at work. There are over 1000 benefits that married couples enjoy that are not available to gay couples. I'd be happy to get you that list if you like.

    My partner and I have been together for 15 years. My brother has been with his partner for 27 years. My partner's cousin has been with his partner for 60 years.

  11. You have written some whopper stories but this one is a classic. Treated equally under the law? You haven't noticed the anti gay marriage laws?

    You lose any creditibility with statements like this. Here is an opportunity to admit you were wrong.

  12. Homosexuals want to change the definition of marriage in order to get money?

    I thought all you wanted was to live your life and mind your own business and have other people mind theirs.

    Shoulda known it was about money.

  13. Margaret wrote:

    “You find something negative.”

    I responded to something he said.

    You made something up, based on nothing I said. You made an assumption and proceeded to attack on the basis of what you had made up.

  14. Marriage is restricted in lots of ways, even for heterosexuals.

    A man cant marry his daughter.

    A woman cant marry her son.

    Two men can't marry three women.

    A brother and sister can't marry.

    A grandpa can't marry his granddaughter.


  15. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt one more time to prove you have some humanity. Case closed.

  16. Allison wrote:

    “No one is talking about sex”

    oh ok. So when we're talking about homosexuals, we are NOT referring to sex.

    got it. Thanks for the clarification.

    If only I had the clarity of thought that you possess. ahhh

  17. Incest and polymagy are not the same thing. Surprised you didn't say a man can't marry his horse.

  18. Jeff wrote:

    “Incest and polymagy are not the same thing.”

    They share this in common — in each case society has decided that they do not fit the definition of marriage. Even if it is heterosexuals.

    So dont tell me that homosexuals are 'discriminated against' if they cant marry.

    Your position is logically doomed.

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