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News Roundup – Nelson Mandela, Job Numbers, North Korea

As I mentioned yesterday, Nelson Mandela has died. As usual, Frontline has a fabulous documentary on the life of Nelson Mandela. If you are truly interested in how this man survived 27 years in prison and how he pulled off what was a magnificent tap dance between multiple different factions in South Africa, this documentary is for you. It seems that whenever somebody like Nelson Mandela grabs the media spotlight, those ultraconservatives get kind of weird. First up on the crazy train is Rush Limbaugh. He simply can’t help himself. Now, we have the mayor of DC comparing Nelson Mandela’s struggle

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Wednesday Evening News Roundup

News Roundup Did I read that the Obama administration is agreeing to Social Security cuts? I just don’t understand what the administration is doing. Craziness on a grand scale. Liberals have been replaced by conservative Republicans!!!! AAuugghhh…. From Robert Reich: Sure, March’s employment report was a big disappointment. But it’s hard to see any direct connection between those poor job numbers and the sequester. The government  has been shedding jobs for years. Most of the losses in March were from the Postal Service. Take a closer look, though, and Americans are starting to feel the pain. They just don’t know it yet.

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Sunday Morning News Roundup

News Roundup Congratulations to Louisville and Michigan. Man, Wichita State was a great story. Just didn’t have enough fire power to take out Louisville. Still bumming about Roger Ebert. Rick Warren’s son has committed suicide. My heart goes out to Pastor Warren and his family. The Sequester is killing or has killed the jobs market. The economy was limping along gaining about 150,000 jobs per month. 88,000 jobs last month is sad. The economy needs help. Americans need help. Congress? What are you doing to create jobs? Paul Krugman continues to fight for the working man and woman. He continues to argue that the government needs

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