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The Department of Justice has gone back to the US District Court to ask for a stay in the court’s injunction preventing embryonic stem cell research. Although the mainstream press has tried to paint Glenn Beck as a changed man, I’m not sure that I saw much change. I know that he is not responsible for the actions of every single individual at his rallies but there was plenty of ugliness at his rally. Oh, by the way, was Glenn Beck’s rally much like a 12 step program? I’m not sure what it says about your preparation when you freeze during

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Stem Cell legislation passes

Although stem cell research passed, it is not enough to overturn a veto. I have mentioned this before on this blog and on Daily Kos. Stem Cell may or may not provide the promises that we have all heard of. I don’t understand the objection that some people have to stem cell research. A cluster of cells is not a human life. A blastocyst is about 100 cells. If you say that 100 cells is a human life then 2 cells would be a human life also. What about 1 cell? Then an egg and a sperm must be a human

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TCR – Expecting

Well, leave it to the Cobert Report to jump on this obscure article and merge it with stem cell research and produce something really funny. 

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